Students celebrate successful GCSE results

Published on Thursday 24th August 2017

Students achieved strong pass rates in English and mathematics, after becoming the first year to sit exams under the reformed GCSE structure.

The reformed exams currently operate in three subjects (English literature, language and mathematics) and were designed to make it harder for students to achieve top grades. Despite this, 54% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in the subjects.

Students all showed good results overall with 10% achieving 3 or more A/A* grades and 56% achieving 3 or more A*-C grades. Five students also managed to achieve a very impressive 8 A/A* grades. Well done to Pranav Sudheesh, Justin Ike, Ishan Tailor, Lydia Shepard, Salum Salum, Arron Buckby, Emily Osbourne and Luke Hansen.

Pranav Sudheesh achieved grade 9s in English language and mathematic, a grade 8 in English literature, A*s in biology, chemistry, physics, further mathematics, history and ICT, As in psychology, statistics and French and a Distiniction* in ECDL. He is now going on to study A levels in biology, mathematics, chemistry and further mathematics. He said ‘I really liked the new questions on the reformed GCSE exams, especially in English. I am very proud of my mathematics result as I really like the subject.’

Student Bernard Dec, who is currently in Year 10, also received an outstanding result in further mathematics, achieving an A* with distinction. This mark makes him one of the top performers in country in the subject.

One subject that particularly stood out this year was triple science, in which 26% achieved a grade A/A* in the subject. Other successful subjects with over 20% of students achieving a A/A* grade included further mathematics, statistics and PE.

Interim Principal Mr Tony Segalini said: ‘I am really pleased of how well all the students have done in their GCSEs. The results show how Kettering Science Academy is continuing on its journey of rapid improvement as a school, which is nowin line with National levels of performance.

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the hard work they have put in to help the students achieve these results.’