'Be Exceptional' - Epraise re-launch

Published on Wednesday 27th September 2017

Last week, we are re-launched the new 'BE EXCEPTIONAL' Epraise system, which allows teachers to reward the students for their exceptional efforts in everything from behaviour through to work.

Students will have the opportunity to earn points for things such as behaviour, positive attitude, participation, constantly meeting deadlines, outstanding effort and much more. When a student receives a high amount of points they will receive certificate. For every 50 points they have, students will have one ticket entered into a prize draw for the opportunity to win prizes at the end of each full term.

Head of Year 8 and EPraise Mr Liam Feely said ‘these points will be given to students for doing something above and beyond. We are trying to encourage students to achieve more. Students understand praise comes after effort and we want them to learn the value of applying effort to seek reward. We want them to strive to succeed further and seek greater challenges.’

This positive behavioural management then sets a higher bar that all want to achieve and reduces satisfying behaviour due to recommendations for better behaviour which in term makes expectation go without saying and exceptional becomes the new target.’