Homework Star

Published on Friday 13th October 2017

Year 7 student Ruby has created an impressive piece of homework in Geography.

Students were set the task of designing their own settlement, complete with all basics: a water supply, protection, building materials, a shelter, hilltops, flat land and a wood supply.

Ruby’s Geography Teacher Phil Threlfall said ‘ I told the students to be as creative as they like, I said they could draw the settlement, make it out of Lego or anything they like.

Ruby decided to created a medieval settlement, which took her two hours to make with a little help from Dad. She said ‘I used a polystyrene base and then used papier-mâché on top.  I then stuck sand all over it and sprayed painted it green.

‘I’m very please with it.’

Mr Threlfall said ‘It was particularly impressive because it not only looked amazing but also had all the elements needed such as the hill for shelter, a river and a supply of wood from the trees.

‘I promised we would display the best piece and we will be very proud to display Ruby’s work in the Academy. It is a brilliant piece of work that demonstrates everything the students have been learning about settlements in Geography. Well done to Ruby and all the other students who displayed some brilliant pieces of work.’