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Literacy Intervention


To provide students with additional opportunities to improve their reading and spelling ages across the Academy.

Every student has the right to be able to read, write, spell and communicate with success. Literacy feeds in to all aspects of the curriculum and therefore it is vital to the progress and attainment for all of our pupils. Students take additional literacy lessons instead of French or German, following discussion with their parents. 


  • To increase student’s reading and spelling ages by at least 6 months plus within a year of literacy intervention.
  • To provide cross-curricula learning opportunities to further progress in English and across the curriculum.
  • To provide access to additional reading, writing and spelling based lessons with a Specialist Teacher.
  • To embed basic literacy skills including phonics, decoding and comprehension skills.
  • To encourage students to read for pleasure to promote a positive ethos about reading.
  • To improve knowledge of vocabulary through ‘word of the day’.
  • To raise standards of writing and handwriting through ‘free writing’ tasks weekly.
  • To focus on high frequency words through our sight words programme.

Students are assessed using ACCESS testing in year 7, and annually through key stage 3.  Students with a standardised score of 75 or below are invited to take part in our extra literacy curriculum. Those students who fall in the range of 75-85 standardised score may be invited to take part in a home/school programme called sight words.