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  • Oct 26th

    A group of our Year 10 students recently joined other local schools at Northampton College to take part in an exciting workshop organised by the Leicester Space Academ...

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As a parent, you will already know that you are your child’s most valuable teacher.  The lessons they learn at home will affect how they interact with other people and the world around them.  And, like most parents, you will probably want to do all you can to make sure they have a good future ahead of them.

In the Sixth Form there is a massive jump from GCSEs to A Levels.  The workload increases in terms of the size and quantity of assignments set, and there is a need for students to read around their subjects, to undertake their own research, make their own notes etc.

Academic coasting is not an option at KSA and students need to be able to take the initiative and deal with work which requires both more time and more effort.  Time management becomes a huge issue in terms of being able to juggle deadlines and social life, prioritising work and planning ahead for revision.  The almost inevitable result of these new demands is increased stress and students need to acknowledge this and to develop ways of dealing with this.

Our aim in terms of study is to equip students to deal with the difficulties of a degree course and working life, they need to become self-organised, self-motivating and independent learners.

Often when your son/daughter enters the Sixth Form you can feel out of your depth in terms of the subjects they are studying and feel at a loss as to how to support them with their homework.  This, combined with the desire to foster independence, can lead to parents backing off all together.  There are however some basic points you can follow at home to help and we have put them into a Parent guide below for you.

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