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Years 7 – 11



Black, tailored and must have zip and pockets.

Not denim, tight fitting or low fitting.

Skirt (girls)

Black, plain and suitable length as close to the knee as possible.

Not denim, tight fitting, stretch material or fashion skirts.


Formal, loose fitting and plain white.

There must be a top button which is done up to ensure a tie can be worn appropriately.  No coloured tee shirts or other garments should be visible underneath.  Shirt should be tucked into trousers or skirts.


Obligatory Academy tie.

Worn correctly with 5 stripes showing.


Worn at all times unless summer wear is in operation.

No cardigans allowed and only Academy jumpers to be worn; however students can wear them on their journey to and from the Academy.  Students can wear scarves to and from the Academy, but these must not be worn in the Academy.

Lanyard & ID

Lanyard issued to all students.

These do not have to be worn however, students must carry their swipe cards at all times.


Plain black with plain buckles.

No designer belts or buckles.


Plain black, flat or low heeled.

Plain black trainers can be worn, no boots.



Plain dark socks.

Neutral or dark plain tights.

No other coloured socks.

No patterned tights.


Stud earrings, one in each ear are acceptable, as are rings and chains all of which should be discreetly worn.



Hairstyle appropriate for the Academy.

No brightly coloured hair or styles which would not be suitable in a business environment.

6th Form

Suits/dresses can be black or grey or a combination (pin striped) and waistcoats can be worn.

Girls should wear smart blouses that do not have to button up to the neck.

All other uniform code is the same: dark shoes, shirt and tie/blouse any colour, no cardigans, jumpers or scarves.

Ordering uniform

It should be noted that, in order to give an identity to the uniform and reinforce the establishment of the ethos and culture associated with the Academy, specific items of the uniform will feature an embroidered Kettering Science Academy logo.

Parents/students can place their orders:

  1. Online: 

    Please note,  during the school holidays parents are encouraged to order online as a quicker service can be provided than orders taken over the phone.

  2. Phone: 0845 519 00 99
  3. Post: Sportswear International Ltd, Fairoak Lane, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn,WA7 3DU


New:  Optional extra - a black school jumper with purple piping is now available to order from SWI. Jumpers are to be worn with the Academy's blazer.

Home Delivery Charges

  • Orders over £70 are sent to home free of charge
  • Orders under £70 sent to a home address (or other specified) incur a £4.00 delivery charge
  • Orders sent to school are free of charge (see below)

Delivery to the Academy

SWI operate a free of charge delivery service to the Academy every week during term time. Orders must be placed by 5.00pm on the Monday for delivery to the Academy the following Wednesday for collection on Thursday. This allows parents to avoid the delivery charge and makes it easy for students to collect their order from within the Academy.