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Who's Who

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team:

Tony Segalini

Associate Principal

Kirsty Farrar

Vice Principal

Andrew Kirk Vice Principal

Jane Watson

Senior Assistant Principal
Amanda Doherty
Assistant Principal

Lisa Hawkins

Assistant Principal

Stephen Reid

Assistant Principal


Student Pastoral Support:



Michael Stock 
Year 7
Liam Feely Year 8

Fran Allan Year 9

William Baines Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11)
Deborah Thomas Safeguarding
Child Protection Officer
Kayleigh-Jay Incles SENCO
Nicola Heighton Student Support Officer
Laurie Herring Student Support Officer
Samantha Patrick Student Support Officer
Head of Departments:
Kevan Fryett Head of Science

Rosemary Reid Head of Modern Foreign Language
Lee Haywood Head of PE
Joanne Evans Head of English
Natasha Franklin Head of Humanities



Grace Smith Head of Maths

Julia Mallard Head of Expressive Arts
Daniel Duncan

Head of ICT/Business

Directory of Staff Emails
List of Form Tutors 

To contact the members of staff , most email addresses require the individual's initial and surname, e.g. Fran Allan is - however if you find your email is bouncing back, please direct it to, marking it for the attention of the member of staff you would like to contact.