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August's Events
  • Yr 8 students were awarded wooden spoons for their excellent French language work combined with their cooking skills.
  • Students in Yrs 8 - 10 are being given the chance to go to Italy in 2016. More trip information available online:
  • Yr 7 students reflected on their first year in the secondary phase at KSA with an end of year celebration assembly.
  • Read all about our KSA bakers who won the @BWTrust Bake Off Competition held at @CorbyBusinessAc Full Story online:
  • Well done to our team of bakers from KSA who won this year's @BWTrust Great Bake Off competition held today @CorbyBusinessAc
  • Year 7 Students have been rewarded with Principal's Pen Awards for their homework on volcanoes . Read more online:
  • Our team of bakers from KSA taking part in this year's @BWTrust Bake off contest today at @CorbyBusinessAc
  • Year 6 pupils at KSA are preparing to say goodbye to the Primary Phase as they perform at the school on Monday.
  • KSA Parents have until 3.20pm tomorrow to put forward their views on mobile phones being used within the Academy.
  • Good luck to our students taking part in the @BWTrust inter-schools Bake Off contest happening today @CorbyBusinessAc
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