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April's Events
  • Our ambitious Year 11 students developing their exams skills and knowledge for their English exam as part of Grab a Grade #beingthebestyoucanbe #ambitionforall
  • Read all about the exciting Ambition For All events we have coming up this month: #beingthebestyoucanbe #ambitionforall
  • Sounding great @BeanfieldPri! We are very much looking forward to seeing you and the other @BWTrust schools at our Battle of the Bands event. Not long now #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • Don't forget Year 11 Grab-a-Grade is taking place between 19th-27th April. The students will focus on developing further exam skills and knowledge to maximise their chances of gaining the highest grades possible.#beingthebestyoucanbe #AmbitionForAll
  • Drama sessions going well in Greece. Great workshops #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • The students are having a great time in Corinth #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • Well to our team Mount Energy who won best model, you should be very proud of yourselves #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • Our finalists receiving their certificates and medals @BWTrust @7billedu finals of #believebig2018 well done #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • Our students are getting busy with their first @7billedu challenge. Can they build the highest tower? #beingthebestyoucanbe
  • Today we are at the @BWTrust @7billionideas finals of the #believebig2018 competition @RockinghamSpeed exciting #beingthebestyoucanbe
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