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We Will Remember Them

A number of special assemblies are being held this week to mark Remembrance Sunday.

This year has seen a big drive at KSA to support the Poppy Appeal and to highlight the importance of Remembrance Sunday to students.

Each House will have a special assembly where they are told about the impact of the two World Wars and more recent conflicts such as the Falklands war and the on-going fighting in Afghanistan.

The assemblies have been developed by Head of Franklin House, Rosemary Reid (pictured).

In her assembly, she read extracts from the autobiography of Harry Patch, the last British survivor of World War One.

She also read out The Life That I Have, the code poem of Violette Szarbo who was a British secret agent during World War Two before she was executed in a concentration camp.

Students watched film footage of the Battle of Britain and where given two minutes to reflect at the end as they listened to the Last Post.

Mrs Reid said: "The assemblies have been very well received and a few students got quite emotional.

"I think it's so important that all students learn about Remembrance Sunday and I think everyone should wear a poppy."

Head of Hawking House Andy Brown focussed his assembly on the Canadian fighters in World War Two because his House has several Canadian teachers.

Hazel Dodd, Head of Da Vinci House, has been getting her students to make their own individual poppies and to write on them the feelings they associate with Remembrance Sunday.

They will then be displayed as part of a memorial.
Poppies are on sale in reception.