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Packed Theatre For Charity Showcase

A showcase of KSA talent went down a storm with the audience and raised £500 for charity.

Four Sixth Formers - Nathan Stevenson, Katie Robinson, Lauren Watson, Nikki Hammond and Ryan Davidson - held the show at the Masque Theatre last week as part of their Unit 2 Performing Arts course.

The night included a programme of entertainment, from singers to a clown and a magician.

Proceeds from the show have been donated to the charity SUDEP - Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy - because one of Nikki and Lauren's friends died as a result of the condition.

Teaching Assistant Charlie Whitham reviewed the show and said: "The Sixth Formers had chosen an excellent assortment of acts and the hard work they put in was clearly evident throughout the evening.

"Each act was well rehearsed and delightfully entertaining. Josh Almond, a Year 7 singer, was brimming with confidence and gave an excellent performance of the song 'Fireflies'.  Jamie Docherty, the school's resident magician, yet again captivated the audience with a wonderfully witty and mind boggling act. One piece that really stuck out in my mind was Jacob Murray, a pint sized clown with gallons of talent.

"However all of the students performed excellently and were a credit to themselves and the school.  

"A round of applause must go to all the staff that has put in time and effort to encourage and inspire the students."