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Statement of Intent:

At Kettering Science Academy (KSA) we are fervent advocates of the empowering potential of literacy for all of our students, whatever their starting point. Being able to read fluently, write and speak and listen at an age appropriate level is fundamental in allowing our students to grow and thrive and a key component in our curriculum commitment to learners at KSA. We firmly believe that ‘Every member of staff is a Teacher of Literacy’ and this is a fundamental thread in our development of teaching and learning as we move through 2020 and beyond.


Literacy provides students with the core tools that they need to communicate effectively through reading, writing and speaking and listening. It underpins student progression across all subjects. We are on a journey to embed all three of the above literacy strands within pedagogical practice at KSA and develop curriculum, and subsequently the classroom environment, at KSA around the development of these core areas. 

Our policy outlines the current strategies implemented and our intentions moving forward in order to achieve the following:

  • Provide students with the core literacy knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and oracy speaking and listening they will need to thrive in education and beyond.
  • Provide students and staff with an aspirational and unified approach to the teaching and learning of literacy across the school.
  • High quality and consistent teaching of literacy will accelerate the skills base of all students, regardless of starting point.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of literacy not just for the immediate future but also as a life-long skill. 
  • Actively improve student outcomes across all subjects through strengthening core skills that are vital to learning.
  • Support social and emotional aspects of learning by increasing students’ self-esteem, motivation, interaction and independent skills.
  • Create a culture that celebrates and rewards literacy.
  • Develop cultural capital.   
  • Ensures subject specific support to improving literacy across the curriculum (Disciplinary Literacy)

Word of the Week:

As part of the ‘Tutor Program’ all tutors are responsible for ensuring all students are given one root word per term and then introduced to one word, derived from the root word, per week.  Students will look at each week’s word over two session during tutor time. 

  1. The first session allows the student to become familiar and understand the word, students will be challenged to use and comprehend the word in a number of different ways through tasks set out in a workbook. 
  2. The second session will ask them to recall the information covered in the previous session by posing two questions, one open and one closed, that the student must complete. 

By teaching not just vocabulary but etymology of vocabulary through root words we are guiding the students towards become more independent and confident readers. This will turn allow them to be more confident and skilled writers.

As parents you can help by discussing these words with your child so you can play your part in helping to develop a love of new vocabulary too.

Please click here to access the suggested reading lists that you can use at home and during DEAR