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Rapid Testing for COVID-19 January 2022

On return to school after the Christmas break, the DfE has asked that all students are offered an onsite lateral flow tests. By testing we will help to reduce the spread in school and college settings through asymptomatic transmission. I am therefore encouraging students to be tested. However, for clarity the testing is optional, and the information in this letter will allow you to make an informed decision.

Students will administer the test themselves and will be supervised by trained staff. The lateral flow tests are quick and easy to undertake, using a swab of the nose. The results take around 20 minutes and we will inform the student of a positive test result. Where participants are under 16, parents or legal guardians will also be informed.

What if my child tests positive?

If a student tests positive on a lateral flow device, they will be informed immediately and will need to take a further ‘PCR test’ to confirm the result. This should be on the same day or as soon as possible afterwards. During the time while waiting for the PCR result (via text/email) they will need to self-isolate. If the PCR test returns a positive result they will have to continue to self-isolate and follow the guidance from NHS Test and Trace.

What happens if the test is negative?

While a small number of students may need to repeat the test if the first test was invalid or void for some reason, students who test negative will be able to stay in school and resume their activities as normal. Where participants are under 16, parents or legal guardians will also be informed of the result through email from NHS.

What if staff or students have been in close contact with someone in school who tests positive?

From the 16th August 2021, children under the age of 18 years and 4 months will no longer be required to self-isolate if they are contacted by NHS track and Trace as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case.

They will be asked instead to take a PCR test, which will only require self-isolation of it is positive on return. Students must wait for the negative result of the PCR test before returning to school. If they are a close contact of the Omicrom variant then they will be notified by NHS track and trace to self isolate for 10 days

How do I consent?

You can give your consent by completing the form (link below).  There is no need to complete the form if you do not wish you child to take part: