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Winners Of Poetry Competition Revealed

A poetry competition launched to mark National Poetry Day on October 7th saw students come up with some very creative, seasonal entries.

The winners were Sophie Campbell from Year 8 who penned a poem called Trick or Treat and Year 12 student Dominika Zaton, whose entry was entitled Autumn.

Librarian Juliet Walsh said: "We picked Dominika's because it's beautifully written and the words she uses are very expressive.

"We also liked Sophie's because it's fun and light-hearted."

Both students received a poetry book as a prize.

Autumn by Dominika Zaton - Year 12

It has come again - it's already here.
The never-ending darkness brings nothing, but fear.

Sun come out, but soon it hides.
Wind keeps blowing in opposite sides.

It's nothing like the light summer breeze;
It's fast forceful wind that likes to tease.

Messing your hair as it whispers in your ear,
Reminding you the cold, depressing winter is near.

Shivering and shaking - each day passes by.
Every morning the sky looks like it's about to cry.

You wish to wake up and see warm yellow light,
But Sun can't escape the clouds - they're so tight.

Yet, there are times when all that goes away
And along with the wind we begin to sway.

Singing to the crunchy sound of leaves,
That shimmer and shine like golden beads.

And the wonderful summer feeling comes back,
But for now time to pick up a coat from the rack.

Trick or Treat by Sophie Campbell - Year 8

Let's get going,
Let's stay out late,
It's Halloween,
And it's going to be great!

I'm a witch,
What are you?
A vampire, zombie or a spider,
Oh, you're a ghost that says BOO!!!

Let's get going,
Let's stay out late,
It's Halloween,
And it's going to be great!

Knock! Knock! Knock!
Trick or treat?
It's Halloween,
So gimmi something sweet!

Let's get going,
It's getting late,
It's Halloween,
And it's been great!