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Camps International Trip to Kenya

Over 20 of last year's Year 11 and 12 students went on a once in a lifetime expedition to Kenya this summer.

Over 20 of last year's Year 11 and 12 students went on a once in a lifetime expedition to Kenya this summer.

The four week trip was organised through Camps International to help improve the standard of living for rural communities. During their time in the country, students rebuilt walls for Mama’s Guest House, installed lion lights at the national park, took part in a beach clean up and laid floors and renovated 27 desks at a local school.

When they weren’t hard at work, the students had some down time and were able to explore more of the country and its culture. They stayed in the national park, went on safaris, were taught how to weave baskets by the locals and visited the beach.

Students had to fundraise £3,690 each for the trip themselves by organising a range of fundraising events. Student’s organised activities such as car boot sales, cake sales and bag packing. They also contacted local charities and went live on Northampton’s Inspiration FM to promote the trip.

Trip leader Miss Davies said: ‘The students were incredibly proactive about their fundraising and came up with some great ideas to raise money for the trip.

'The expedition itself was a real once in a lifetime experience for our students, who fully embraced the project. Anyone can go on holiday but being part of a group who spent one month in the country amongst the locals and helped to improve their standards of living meant that over time the students become part of the community.

‘Having to raise the money to fund the trip themselves also gave the students a huge amount of gratifications and they all realised how much pleasure they got from giving back to the community.

'Each of them have come back to the UK with new friendships, an appreciation for what they have, transferable skills and a greater understanding of the wider world.’

Due to the success of this trip, we have decided to run another expedition to Tanzania in the summer of 2020.

The Camps Foundation is a charitable organisation devoted to making the world a better place through various humanitarian, conservation and environmental initiatives developed and run by the Camps International Group. They operate across four continents and share a common goal: solving global problems on a local scale.