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Bronze Awards For Maths Students

Keen students competed in the Four Nations Maths Challenge in their own time, with 49 pupils picking up bronze certificates.

The online Mathletics competition took place in the week starting November 8th and it saw schools and countries pitted against each other.
KSA pupils in years 7 to 10 demonstrated their mathematical talent by completing online tasks in their spare time and the bronze winners amassed over 1,000 points.
A special mention should go to Martha Reynolds (Year 7 - 4,230 points), Dylan Birk (Year 8 - 6,111 points) and Adyn Mullen (Year 9 - 3,400 points) who achieved the highest number of points in their year groups.
Maths Teacher Stephen Ready said: "KSA came 198th out of 1,686 participating schools - just short of the top 10%. This is an excellent achievement and next year we will aim to break into the top 100."