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KSA recite Pi for Pi day

KSA decided to celebrate Pi Day by holding a whole school Pi recital competition.

Students and staff were challenged to learn and recite Pi to as many decimal places as possible.

Students and staff had a week to learn as much of the sequence as they could remember before having to recite this back to Head of Maths Grace Horne on Pi Day.

Sixth Form student Bernard Dec was crowned whole school champion after he managed to recite Pi to 220 decimal places.

Head of Maths Mrs Horne said: We decided to get involved in Pi day this year as Pi is used so often in maths and is actually a fascinating subject number.

‘We chose to do a Pi recital because no one is born knowing Pi to a large number of decimal places. That meant that everybody could get involved and through a big effort could have a shot at being the champion.

‘The challenge really encompassed the idea of ‘being the best you can be’ showing what can be achieved when you really put your mind to it. We’ve even had some students recite Pi in other languages during their MFL lessons. 

‘I’ve been really impressed by staff and student commitment to stepping up to the Pi challenge and how excited people got by improving their knowledge of Pi. I was particularly impressed with Miss Evans method of memorising the digits using the idea of playing the numbers on a keyboard.

‘I have lots of plans for next years Pi day and I cannot wait for the students and staff to show how they can improve further.’