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Partnership Carol Concert Paves Way For Future Events

Singers at KSA embraced the opportunity to perform at the first Brooke Weston Partnership carol concert and are eagerly awaiting the next joint-academy show.

KSA joined forces with Corby Business Academy and Brooke Weston Academy for two carol concerts; the first at St Brendan's Church in Corby on Tuesday (December 7th) and the second two days later at the Salvation Army Citadel in Kettering.

Both evenings featured music and songs by the Partnership Concert Band and Partnership Choir, which included a Nutcracker spectacular, Silent Night and Carol of the Bells.

KSA's Primary Phase Choir did the Partnership proud with their performance of Sans Day Carol.

There were also readings, solo and duet performances and carols for the audience to join in with.

KSA's Music Teacher Ruth Reider, who helped to co-ordinate the event with her counterparts at the two other academies, said: "The Partnership carol service was a wonderful opportunity to work with the other students and teachers.

"It was great to see students so dedicated to learning parts and putting in time with extra rehearsals.

"I am extremely proud of our KSA students who took part and sacrificed a lot of their own time in order to make the event a success.

"Many of the students have said how much they enjoyed the experience, and were looking forward to future projects.

"I think there is great potential amongst the music students in the Brooke Western Partnership, and amongst our own at KSA - well done."

Students were equally enthusiastic about the event, with Beth Panter saying: "I had a great time at choir and I loved coming together with all of the other schools - it was really fun."

Another, Abbie Harris, added: "It was great fun."