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KSA Student success stories

Congratulations to all of our Sixth Form students celebrating their A Level results. Here’s what some of our top performing students are doing next:

Amajot Hayer achieved an A* in Maths and As in Chemistry and Physics. He is going now on to study Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. He said: “I am very happy about my results and feel 10/10. I am hoping to become a mechanical engineer after I complete my course as I have always been passionate about cars and fascinated to learn the science behind how things work. I also enjoyed Maths at A Level due to the logical and problem solving elements. During my time at Kettering Science Academy my highlights would definitely be A level results day and the residential to Kenya when we went on a four-week trip to help improve the standard of living for rural communities. My advice to future Sixth Form students would be to make notes and highlight key sections and words. Completing past papers also helped me too.”

Beth Allan will be attending the University of Nottingham to study Veterinary Medicine after achieving As in Biology and Chemistry and a B in PE.  She said: “I’m happy that I have secured my place at Nottingham to study Veterinary Medicine as I hope to become a vet. I love animals and like to help animals and people alike. The challenge of the job really excites me as you continue to learn throughout your career. There are so many fields you can go into. I would like to thank Mr Miola for always supporting me, Ms Kedie for giving up her time to help me and Miss Davies, Ms Watson, Mrs Farrar and Ms Moore for the support and help they gave me with my UCAS application and interview.

"I have made lots of good friends at KSA and will miss the teachers and the support they gave me; the school has a lovely atmosphere. A combination of mind maps, revision cards, past papers and YouTube videos all helped me to prepare for my exams.  My advice to students studying their A Levels next year would be to put the work in early on and don’t stress!”

Tom Leversha gained an A in Maths and Bs in Chemistry and Physics. He is heading to the University of Leicester to study Astrophysics. He said: "I am pleased with my results as they have allowed me to study my chosen course at university. Flashcards and practice exam questions helped prepare me for the exams. I would like to thank Miss Farrar for her support and will miss Dr Kirk’s physics lessons which I have really enjoyed.”

Annastacia Short will be studying Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University having gained an A in PE and Bs in Business and Psychology. She said: “I am happy to secure my place at the best university in the world for my chosen course. I want to go on to work in elite sport having always had a passion for the subject. Revision cards and past papers have helped me in the run up to my exams and would advise future Sixth Form students to start revising early. Thank you to all my teachers for their support.”

Chloe Whysall achieved As in English Literature and Media and a C in Psychology. She is hoping to join the Royal Navy as she is passionate about helping others and loves to travel.  She said: "I have made some great friends at Kettering Science Academy and enjoyed English, as I have always enjoyed writing and had the most supportive teachers. A highlight for me was being Head Girl. Revision cards, mind maps and past papers were all methods of revision which helped me to prepare for my exams. I would tell future Sixth Form students to not be afraid and to ask for help. Start revising early on and make sure you are certain about your next step and ensure it is right for you.”