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Celebrating achievement at our Awards Evening 2019

The work and contribution of students from all year groups at Kettering Science Academy were celebrated at their annual Achievement Awards evening.

Over 50 students received accolades and recognition for their attendance, commitment and excellence in a range of subjects and categories. They were cheered on by their parents and carers, as well as staff, governors and the CEO of the Brooke Weston Trust.

Former student Martyn Simmons, who is now a lecturer in computer gaming and art at the University of Northampton, gave an inspirational talk. Musical interludes were provided by flautist Esme Bayliss, Phoebe and Elija Bultitude on keyboard and vocals respectively and Year 10 band, Left Hand Thread.

The evening started with a welcome from Principal Tony Segalini who said: ‘This is the best evening that a Principal of a school can ever have. The achievements of our students gives me the greatest pleasure. I get to see how well students develop into adults in our community. We are really proud of the part we play in that.’

CEO Dr Andrew Campbell told the audience: ‘Tonight is one of those nights where we celebrate and share your celebrations of the wonderful achievements, resilience and commitment of your young people. We are in partnership with you to do the very best for the people you love most. We want to see your children be hugely successful. Every year this school is making bigger and bigger strides.’

Martyn Simmons gave a 15-minute talk about his life at Kettering Science Academy’s predecessor school and encouraged our students to aim high and dream big. He told them about his career which led to him developing computer gaming software and working with some of the major gaming companies in the world. He ended his talk with ten pieces of advice for students including ‘if you are passionate about something you will achieve success’ and ‘don’t give up.’

Tony Segalini said: ‘What I loved about Martyn is that he epitomised the values of our school – ‘be the best that you can be’ which sums up what Martyn was saying. We are about success in every aspect.’

Dr Campbell presented Attendance Awards to students who achieved 100% attendance for three and four years. Brooke Weston Trust’s Secondary Executive Principal Anne Hill presented the Model KSA student award the Outstanding Achievement and Outstanding Progress Awards were presented by members of KSA staff.

Anne Hill told the audience: ‘I have been involved with this school since January 2018 and I am so impressed with the staff and students here. They are such a credit to you as parents. This school is improving dramatically. It is over-subscribed. Its A Level results in the summer were quite stunning, it is getting a new Sixth Form block and the improvements I see in and around the school are really something to be proud of. It is a credit to the whole staff body, students and parents that the school is improving in the way it is.’

Chair of Governors Steve Barton presented the Governors’ Recognition Award, along with Sue Kerley and Peter Tiktin. In his closing speech he said: ‘This is the evening that I really enjoy out of the KSA calendar because it is celebrating great work and achievement. I started my tenure as Chair of Governors at Henry Gotch School. This school bears no resemblance to the school I first came to, not just the fact it is a new building. When I walk around the corridors I can tell when something is in control, when there is an atmosphere of wanting to learn. I am really proud of that. Coming to these awards nights helps me keep track of the progress we are making. We spend a lot of time with numbers, grades and progress figures but the key thing about it all is the outcomes we get and what we can do for all of the students in the school to help them become the best they can be.

‘KSA in the past few years is able to offer anybody that comes here the chance to do something really special with their lives. We have the facilities and teaching staff here. I would like to say thank you to the teachers and the support staff for their effort and dedication. We are seeing more and more of our students going on to quality higher education and they are going on to do great things.’

A full list of Awards Winners is below:

To see more photographs from the Awards Night click  here.




Well done to the following students who received awards:

3 Years attendance at 100%:

Bright Aimule, Rebecca Aksu, Jennifer Aksu, David Asamoah-Parbi, Ana Balanici, Hallie Currall,

Jessica Evans, Ethan Foster, Levi Ingram, Harrison Lock, Ethan Robinson, Samia Sheikh,

Diaan Shergill, Eloise Watts, Joshua Wenje, Kayleigh Wyatt


4 Years attendance at 100%:

Devon Abrahams, Tom Smith, Lois Powell, Gurvinder Sondhi


Outstanding Achievement Awards:

Year 13 – Jakub Ozieblo, Year 12 – Bernard Dec, Year 11 – Connor Perkis, Year 10 – Dylan Hughes

Year 9 – Jessica May, Year 8 – Arany Nanthakumaran, Year 7 – Catherine Abrahams


Outstanding Progress Awards:

Year 13 – Amarjot Hayer, Year 12 – Maja Klys, Year 11 – Allen Rapheal, Year 10 – Jennifer Aksu

Year 9 – Zane Jermosina, Year 8 – Emily Wolstencroft, Year 7 – Wiktoria Wawszczak


Individual Awards:

Science:  Kira McKenna-King, Devon Abrahams

Model KSA Student: Lana Fardon

Commitment and Dedication: Yasmin Azhar, Kiara Jane Schraader-Pearson, Eman Naeem, Mia Williams

Courage: Harry Smith

Innovation: Sean Dimmock, Maciej Smolinski, Harry Hutchinson-Owen, Kamil Zamora

Politeness and Respect: Joseph Widdicombe, Tom Smith

Charity: Thomas Thorpe

Safeguarding: Tamsyn Henderson

Community: Bethany Blissett

Leadership: Oscar Cook

Governors’ Recognition Award: Rebecca Aksu