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KSA students use 3D printers to produce face masks for healthcare personnel

Well done to Kettering Science Academy students Maciej Smolinski and Sean Dimmock who, along with a team of others with 3d printers, have produced more than 600 face shields to help hospital workers in the fight against Covid 19.

The Year 10 boys set up a Go Fund Me page to finance their initiative and so far £555 has been donated. They refined their design in order to get the print time below 30 minutes per mask and so far the duo have donated 177 masks. Others working on the same project have pushed the combined total up to more than 600. They are making around 30 a day, but, with the arrival of a new 3d printer next week, Maciej is planning to boost his total to around 50 per day, and he plans to continue until lockdown is over, and maybe beyond, depending on the materials he has left.

Maciej said: ‘I am producing face shields for hospitals in the fight against the virus, all hospitals and NHS staff are in great need of this protective equipment and need these masks to be made. I own a 3d printer and I'm able to produce these shields. However, the materials cost money and I would be very thankful for any donations of any size to help out with the production of these.

‘All the masks will be making their way to hospitals in need of these. I will not be making any profit from the donations, 100% of the funds raised will go towards face masks and the fight against Covid19. The money will be used to purchase the materials and machines needed to make these masks. Your donations, however, small will be of great support and will allow us to purchase more materials and make more shields. All extra funding will go to others with 3D printers to also make shields in the local area.’

KSA’s Principal Tony Segalini said: ‘This is a fabulous initiative and I am very proud of our students who have stepped up and  helped in this very creative and practical way.’

To watch the facemasks being produced click here.

To donate click here.