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Year 6 Transition to KSA

Important information for all Year 6 pupils who will soon be KSA students and their parents.

Dear Yr6 students who are soon to be KSA Students and parents

Please watch the following information video, you will get to hear from the students directly, remind yourself of the school building and facilities as well as get to hear in person from key members of staff, who will tell you a little bit more detail about life and expectations at KSA.  

Access the video here: KSA Transition 2020 Draft 2 

We honestly can’t wait to meet you in person and hope this virtual attempt goes some way to help start to answer any of your questions and help to eliminate any anxieties you may have.

You will, by now, have received a work book and an ‘all about me’ task to complete. If you have completed the booklet you can either send that in to KSA via mail addressing it to Mr Baines, or you can take it in to your primary school when you go back. If you have mistakenly misplaced it, you could complete it via this survey monkey link (you might have done it this way originally anyway- so you are sorted in that case)

You will be hearing from us regularly and would encourage you to check the ‘Year 6 Transition Information’  on our web page every Friday for updates. Every week you can look forward to newsletter just for you and an introduction to a form tutor, amongst set transition tasks and general letters. Just make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page or you will miss it!!!!

You will also see a letter from our Principal, Mr Segalini together with meet the teacher profiles featuring Mr Baines, your head of year and Mr Segalini, Principal.

If you have any further questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact the following members of staff who will be quick to respond to your questions.

Mrs A Doherty – Assistant Principal (Transition Lead)

Miss K Incles – SENCO

Mr W Baines –