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KSA students battle in TT Rockstars Times Tables Challenge

Well done to our Year 7, 8 and 9 students who took part in the TT Rockstars times tables competition, clocking up an average of more than 1000 right answers per student!

Our students, along with those from our other Trust secondaries; Brooke Weston Academy and Thomas Clarkson Academy, submitted nearly half a million correct answers in the online contest in just five days.  

The Rockstars Times Tables Challenge competition was fierce, with 462,580 correct answers submitted by the three schools in total. When the stats for ‘correct average answers per user’ are calculated TCA was in the top spot with an average of 1,571 per student, KSA were runners up with 1,005 per student while BWA students averaged 750. Each of the rounds lasted three minutes and tested students on the times tables up to 12 in a variety of ways.

The competition, which was open to students in Years 7,8 and 9, was co-ordinated by our Head of Maths, Mrs Grace Horne. She said: ‘We started off by doing mini battles within our school. That progressed to a competition with TCA, then we set it up between the three secondary schools that had access to TT Rockstars.

‘There are lots of different games where students can challenge themselves as individuals or play in arenas against people from other schools. The teachers get a breakdown of their classes’ strongest times tables and which ones they need more practice at so they can adjust the games for students or groups so it is a really good resource that keeps them interested and learning while having fun.

‘I have seen students improve incredibly using this software. When one started he could complete 50 questions in one minute and, in the space of only a few weeks, his high score had more than doubled to 110!

‘All of the students who took part will receive a certificate. We want to build this up to be a yearly numeracy challenge with a trophy, that all our  Trust secondary schools can compete for. Well done to all the students who took part this time and a special well done to Thomas Clarkson Academy on its phenomenal result.’


TCA - 207,374

BWA - 200,917

KSA - 54,289

Well done to everyone who took part.

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