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Sixth Form Committees Making Their Mark

Sixth Formers have embraced the chance to take on leadership roles and get involved with Academy life with the formation of several committees.

The Environment Committee - made up of Year 12 students Adelle Northern, Lauren Stevens, Naomi Entiriwaa and Autumn Barnes (pictured) - is looking at ways to improve the Sixth Form area and has already met with Principal Martin Campbell to discuss their ideas.

One suggestion is to transform the area outside the common room into a garden setting.

Adelle said: "We thought it would be good to get other Sixth Formers involved so that everyone's working together on it.

"Being on a committee helps to get your voice across about any issues you might have about the Sixth Form."

Another idea the Environment Committee is looking into is helping out in elderly people's gardens.

Another group, the Business Committee, has undertaken some market research with a view to setting up and running its own after-school tuck shop for younger students who stay behind to attend clubs.

They plan to present their business plan to Mr Campbell soon.

There are also Charity and Social Committees.