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Student given chance to become Master Cadet

Congratulations to one of our students, Cadet Colour Sergeant Paul Ile , who is one of just 12 CCF cadets nationally to be considered for the award of Master Cadet.

This is the first year that the Army Cadet Force has extended applications for Master Cadet status to candidates from the CCF, who will field just 12 representatives nationally, compared to 360 from the ACF. It is therefore a huge honour f­­­­or Paul to  be selected, as well as an indicator of his high calibre. In order to qualify, he, and another Trust nominee, Cdt Sgt Josh Haigh from Corby Business Academy,  will take part in a Zoom meeting with Colonel Marc Godfrey, (Colonel Cadets for East Anglia).

Paul was nominated for the Master Cadet Award by WO1 Nigel Barrett. He said: ‘This is the most prestigious award that the ACF cadets can achieve. During lockdown they opened up the process to CCF cadets as well so I submitted details of Paul's service and achievements for consideration.

‘Pre-lockdown he would have been invited for a week-long course at Frimley Park, but due to Covid restrictions he will now have a Zoom interview with the Colonel, answering questions about his experience and outlook. As there are only 12 CCF cadets being put forward it is hugely exciting that two of ours have got this far in the process.

Paul (flagbearer) leading the CCF contingent during 2019's Beret Parade.

‘Paul and Josh have been our senior cadets for a while and have been instrumental in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the younger cadets.

‘They are also the only cadets in the county representing the CCF at the Remembrance Service at All Saints' Church in Northampton so that is a huge honour as well. They are both very committed to the CCF and are great role models for our younger cadets so we wish them all the best for both the Award process and Remembrance ceremony.’

Cdt Colour Sergeant Paul Ile bearing the Standard. Fellow nominee Cdt Sgt Josh Haigh is in front.