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Bid For International School Award

KSA is aiming for the British Council’s International School Award in recognition for the work that goes on to develop students’ understanding of other cultures.

The Academy has already achieved the foundation and intermediate stages of the award and will soon be submitting an application for the full award.

To achieve it, KSA has to demonstrate that internationalism is embedded within the curriculum in all subject areas and show at least seven activities and events across the school year that contain strands of internationalism.

KSA is already part of the Connecting Classrooms project and has linked up with schools in Saudi Arabia, helping to give students an insight into life in another country.

There are also plans to link up with a school in Uganda and a Japanese day is being planned for May.

There will be a Modern Foreign Languages focus as part of a European Day through the ICU programme, while Gifted and Talented students have been developing an awareness of European issues through their studies.

In Art, students have been designing cityscapes as part of the environment theme, which will then be sent to the Saudi schools.

Natasha Franklin, the Humanities Teacher who is putting the International School Award application together, said: "KSA recognises the importance of incorporating different cultures into our everyday learning and experiences so students can become more rounded citizens.

"We have a global community even here in Kettering.

"In most subjects there will be an element of internationalism so it's about showing that it's taking place."