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Master Cadet receives congratulations from Royal Anglian Regiment

Sixth Former Paul Ile has  received a congratulatory letter from Brigadier Brown from the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Cadet CSgt  Ile was one of two Trust CCF cadets who were accepted onto the prestigious Master Cadet course, run by the Army Cadets, of which only 12 CCF cadets nationwide were offered places.

Brigadier Brown, Deputy Colonel (Cadets) said: ‘I write on behalf of the Royal Anglian Regiment, to offer the congratulations of the Regimental family on your Master Cadet Award. lt is a most prestigious award and in respect, one of which you should feel extremely proud.

‘I am aware that you were nominated for this honour, as a result of all the hard work you have provided during your time in the Brooke Weston Trust Combined Cadet Force. In addition to all the unstinting support and encouragement you have given to your fellow cadets. Your inspirational leadership has not only furthered the standing of your own CCF but also the wider military cadet movement.

‘ln the years ahead, you will be able to reflect on your fine achievement and, because it says so much about your qualities, and all round ability, in due course it can be included in your curriculum vitae and future career prospects.

‘The Regiment hopes that the remainder of your time serving in the CCF will prove to be just as fulfilling and enjoyable.’

Paul, from Year 13, said: ‘I have been involved in CCF for four years. CCF has allowed me to stand up in front of people and talk to them with confidence. It has also given me leadership skills. You also get the aspect of teamwork and getting along with people. Getting onto the Master Cadet course is a massive achievement and I am very proud.’

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