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KSA praised for online learning

We are delighted that our school has been praised by parents online for the way in which we have supported students during lockdown.

Northants Live posted on Facebook to ask how schools had responded to their families. Parents from Kettering Science Academy commented:

‘The school has been fantastic, keeping parents and students up to date regularly, online teaching for all lessons now which has been brilliant, we even have a Year 10 parents evening this week online - superb well done to all teachers and support staff.'

Another said: ‘Kettering Science Academy has been great. Very supportive of homeschooling and asking us regularly if there is more they can do. Checking in regularly with my daughter and reminding her there’s help there if she feels lonely, scared or is struggling with any aspect of this bizarre lockdown life. Well done KSA.’

Our sister school Compass Primary, was also commended for its response to its families.

Principal Tony Segalini said: ‘It is great for Kettering Science Academy to have been mentioned so positively. Our staff members are all pulling together to make sure our students have access to resources and online learning  and so we really appreciate that their efforts are recognised and appreciated by our school community.’

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