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Students Invited To Decommissioning Ceremony at RAF Base

Two Sea Cadets were invited to a poignant ceremony to mark the decommissioning of the Harrier jump jet last week.

Myles Tew and David Bilsby, who are members of the TS Pytchley Sea Cadets, went along to the ceremony at RAF Wittering on Friday (January 28th) to mark the decommissioning of 800 Naval Air Squadron and two other squadrons.

The two Year 7s joined VIPs, dignitaries and around 600 other guests for the special event, which included a rifle drill and a band performance.

David said: "There were quite a few people crying and it was a bit sad.

"There were TV crews there - there was quite a strange mood."

The Cadets were also told that because of their group's affiliation with 800 Naval Air Squadron, it would be taking on the name of the now disbanded squadron - which they said is a real honour.

Myles, who was recently awarded the Commodore's Pennant from his District Officer and would like to join the Navy when he's older, said: "We're making the future of the squadron happen now and we're proud to take on its name.

"We spoke to some pilots when we were there and they said the ceremony was a day they would always remember."

David added: "When I first joined Cadets I thought it would be just a hobby but after going to RAF Wittering, it's changed what I think about it."