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Northamptonshire Mental Health Awareness Day

 About us

The Northamptonshire Talk out Loud Programme is an NHS and county council initiative that is driven by young people to:

  • Help spread the message that ‘mental health is everybody’s business.'
  • Increase awareness of mental health needs, draw attention to the stigma and discrimination experienced by young people
  • With mental health needs and challenge the negative perceptions of mental health needs
  • Raise awareness amongst young people about mental health issues, stigma and where they can access help and support
  • Encourage young people to take responsibility for tackling mental health stigma
  • Work with you people to develop services that are accessible and in settings that young people are comfortable

Watch this video here:


As part of Northamptonshire Mental Health Awareness Day 2022, and as a lasting memory of this year’s theme “IT’S THE INSIDE THAT MATTERS”, we want to create an artistic installation and involve as many schools as possible across the county in the creation of this.

The structure of this will be seven rainbow coloured Perspex boxes, which we would like to fill with feelings from young people. We would like schools to gather feelings of young people within their own setting by asking them to write how they are feeling on a slip of paper and post it into your own school ‘feelings box’ – you can use and decorate the box that we posted this to you in, have more than one to leave them in multiple locations, or use one bigger box if you wish…we will leave you to be creative!

What we would then like to do is gather as many feelings leading up to the day as we can, and seal them into the seven Perspex boxes, before creating a permanent installation / display in Northamptonshire – we are hoping that this will be Northampton Museum.