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Love Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day messages will be delivered around KSA next week as part of a student fundraising drive.

Both Da Vinci and Hawking House have made tokens on which students can write messages to loved ones or friends and they are on sale this week.

They will be distributed on Monday (February 14th) along with cards and roses which students in Da Vinci are also selling.

The proceeds will go to the Houses' nominated charities as fundraising initiatives start to get under way.

Hawking's charity fundraisers have been appointed and they will ask their peers to vote on any ideas about charity events.

Lorna Watts (Year 11) has been appointed as Charity Captain and Megan Marshall (Year 8) is Vice Charity Captain (both pictured here with the tokens).

One idea is to have an auction which involves KSA's wider community.

Lorna said: "Mr Campbell [Principal] wants KSA to be a community school so we thought about how we could involve the wider community.

"We are thinking of having an event where the public can sell things like sculptures, drawings and photographs, with some of the money going to our charities."

Megan said: "The Valentine's Day sale is a taster of what's to come and it's a learning experience for the next fundraiser we do.

"We're aiming high and while we're the main people sorting this out, we want all students to be involved so we'll ask them to vote on any ideas we have."

Hawking's charities are Walking Tall, which helps orphans in India, and a charity set up by Megan's mum, Dawn Green.

Dawn was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in January 2008 and told she had just months to live.

But following treatment she found out about on the internet, she underwent surgery and has now set up her own website to raise awareness of the type of cancer she was diagnosed with.