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Maths Talent Adds Up

Gifted and Talented students from the three academies in the Brooke Weston Partnership came together for a day of maths challenges.

They started with 15 problem-solving questions in a round called Maths Olympics, with the questions getting gradually harder.

Next they tackled logic problems at 15 stations set up around the hall and for each correct answer they were awarded 'money' to be spent on the next challenge, which was to build the highest and/or strongest tower using materials such as dry spaghetti and marshmallows.

The amount of materials they could buy determined how many questions they'd got right in the previous round.

The towers were then tested before the final challenge - an estimation round where they had to guess the sizes or weights of items.

Lorraine Taylor, Assistant Director of Mathematics, said: "They did very well at the logical thinking - the first round was very challenging for some of them and wasn't the sort of thing they normally do in the classroom.

"The other aim was to get them working in teams so that different students had the chance to take on leadership roles."

The winners were CBA with KSA taking second place.