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Dressing Smart And Looking The Part

Students will be reminded of the high standards expected at KSA during a focus on uniforms this week.

The Academy's uniform is designed to look professional and to encourage students to take pride in their appearance (pictured).

The Academy considers the way students dress and their appearance is central to its drive to raise standards and improve individual self esteem, while contributing to the businesslike ethos of the school.

Black shoes must be worn rather than trainers and skirts should be knee length.

Black socks or tights must be worn and white shirts must have a top button that is done up at all times, with ties done up to the top.

Blazers and lanyards need to be worn at all times.

Vice Principal Justine Mitchell-Bunce said: "The uniform is important because students are representing the school and we're proud of our identity.

"We aim to be an outstanding school and we want our uniform to reflect that."