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Students Show Creativity In ICU Activities

KSA’s second programme of ICU days provided students with unique and thought-provoking challenges.

Every student was taken off their normal timetable to take part in two-day events, which included a who dunnit?, the design and production of phone socks, the development of a new product and filming a movie trailer.

Each activity was designed to encompass several subjects and to get students thinking in new ways.

Each year group had its own theme, with Year 7 tasked with solving a murder mystery.

They discovered a crime scene in the library and then watched film footage of the events leading up to the murder, with Principal Martin Campbell putting in a convincing performance as the murder victim.

The students then had to question the suspects, examine the evidence and look at forensic science techniques to try to establish who was responsible.

Year 7 student Jack Brace said: "It was fun and exciting - we couldn't wait to find out who the murderer was.

"We got to do things we wouldn't normally do in lessons, like finding out what's inside a bullet."

Year 8 looked at designs from different eras, including celebration cakes through the ages and bridge building and testing.

Year 8 student Ethan Lee said: "It was quite exciting because every lesson was different and you didn't know what you'll be doing from one lesson to the next."

Year 9 had to come up with a breakfast product and looked at market research and marketing before presenting their ideas to a panel of judges.

Head of Business Jason Mitchell-Bunce said: "We wanted to show them that businesses don't survive without the people who come up with ideas and that they will need enterprise skills when they leave school."

Much fun was had by Year 10 (pictured) who had to film, edit and then screen a trailer for a movie, as well as considering advertising campaigns.

Year 11's programme included team activities and sports at the KLV or the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough, as well as catching up on coursework.

Sixth Formers helped to run the events for younger students and also looked at their next steps.