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Improving Reading Skills

An online quiz programme is set to be piloted this term to encourage students to read more.

Around 50 Year 7 students will have access to the Accelerated Reader system so they can log on and complete quizzes on the books they have read.

Each student will be allocated books in the library appropriate for their reading age and once they have read them, they can have a go at the quizzes.

Accelerated Reader, which can also be accessed from home through the Academy's website, is due to be rolled out to all Year 7 and 8s in September and at some point, competitions will be set up between students.

The idea is to encourage students to read more for pleasure and to improve reading ages.

Head of English Katie Smith said: "We're going to incorporate Accelerated Reader into English lessons so that each group will have a 30-minute library lesson.

"It will mean there's more reading going on, as well as students' comprehension being developed. "They're not just skimming the text - they will have to understand what they've read to complete the quiz.

"I used Accelerated Reader in the last school I worked in and it helped to develop much more enthusiasm for reading. There was a point to reading and reading quickly."