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KSA Signs Anti-Bullying Charter

Students and staff have signed a charter to demonstrate the Academy’s commitment to eliminating bullying.

Each House Captain was joined by Principal Paul Davies and Steve Barton, Chair of the Governors, to formally sign the Academy’s charter. Every student will also be given a copy of their own to sign and parents have been informed of the pledges students are making.

Assemblies have been delivered on the impact of bullying, including cyber bullying, and Mr Davies stressed that students who witness incidents of bullying must report it to a member of staff.

He said: “Bullying needs to be stamped out and it starts with myself and Steve making a pledge to the Academy that we’re doing our absolute best to stop bullying. I want people to know we mean business and that it’s high on our agenda. However, we can’t do it without support from students and they will be asked for their input into the measures we’re taking to stop bullying.”

Mr Barton added: “Bullying has changed because of things like mobile phones and Facebook – it’s more difficult for young people to escape. Now that the bullying can reach further, it’s even more important that we take a stand against it.”

In KSA’s recent Ofsted inspection, students reported that they felt safe in the Academy, that bullying is now less common and that they have confidence in their teachers to resolve problems quickly.

House Captain Jack Old said: “The charter is a good idea because it’s school-wide and it means everyone knows the rules. The fact that everyone is signing it shows there’s support from the whole school and that people won’t go against the charter.”

Students can report incidents of bullying through the online Sharp system – click here for details. For more information on anti-bulling, click here.