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Growing Number Of Library Volunteers

More students have completed the Student Librarian scheme at KSA, with growing numbers now helping out in the library.

Shawnee Pearce and Sunattida Phatrio are the latest students to receive their badge after working through a series of tasks, including issuing and returning books, writing a book review and helping others to locate books.

They join Year 9 student Lewis Jolley who was the first to complete the scheme last year.

They are part of a team of 18 students including Sixth Formers (pictured here in mufti for Comic Relief), who regularly help out in the library during break times and who are also working towards their Student Librarian badge.

Jordan Clarke, who is in Year 9, said helping out in the library gives him something constructive to do.

He said: "I like working with books so doing this gives me something to do."