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Action Against Bullying: Students Set Up Task Force

KSA’s Heroes have set up an anti-bullying group at KSA and have launched the campaign in assemblies.

The group, which last term set up a dedicated email address for anyone who has experienced bullying, will be looking at ways to tackle bullying while also aiming for the Northamptonshire County Council's anti-bullying award.

The Action Against Bullying group is made up of the Heroes, parents, teachers and governors and is coordinated by Director of Specialist Learning, Lore McIntyre. 

So far the Heroes have completed a bullying audit of young people, teachers and parents and have spoke in House assemblies.

The plan is for the group to meet once every term to action initiatives.

Hero Charlie Woods said: "We want to make sure people aren't scared to speak out.

"One idea is to have mentors - either teachers or students - so that they have someone to talk to about it."

Parents have been asked if they would like to support the Action Against Bullying group to stay informed of the anti-bullying interventions that take place at the Academy. 

KSA students can use the email if they have any concerns about bullying.