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Nurturing Gifted And Talented Students

Year 7 students and their families were given tips on how to make the most of their talents during a special workshop.

Gifted and Talented students from the three academies in the Brooke Weston Partnership came together at Corby Business Academy on Wednesday (March 30th).

The workshop was led by Roy Leighton, an education consultant who specialises in helping people to unlock their potential and become better learners.

He spoke to them about how to do well in their exams while having fun at the same time.

The group looked at how the brain works and how to use Derren Brown mind tricks and other techniques to remember information.

In the evening, around 100 parents joined the students to meet Roy and hear how they can support and develop their child's learning.

Parents left positive feedback and a lot of them expressed an interest in Roy coming back.

The event was the latest in a series of Gifted and Talented activities across the Partnership which are designed to stimulate students and give them the opportunity to work with their peers from all three academies.