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UK Maths Challenge Success For KSA Students

A group of Year 11 students picked up gold, silver and bronze awards after taking part in the recent UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Forty students took part in the national challenge, which consisted of a written test of 25 problems that had to be completed in an hour.

Five students achieved the bronze award, 10 picked up a silver award and 3 students struck gold.

Christian Dobson, who won a gold award, was invited to take part in the next round - the European Kangaroo Maths Challenge - last month, in which more than 5.5m students from across Europe competed. The results of this stage of the competition will be announced after Easter.

The winners for each award were:

Christian Dobson
Arandeph Bath
Todd Panton

Jatinder Singh
Aiden Perkins
Ross Chester
David Wilson
Ania Straus
Danielle Bowen
Kyle Burke
Tom McCartin
Parisa Niasseri
Stephen Matthews

Shannon Mulvey
Jordan Chadbourne
Euan Lindley
Rebecca Tailby
Kerrie Driver

Assistant Director of Maths Lorraine Taylor said: "This is the first year students at KSA have participated in this national competition.

"The competition challenges students to apply their knowledge of maths to solve new problems.

"The problems are challenging but they offer a fantastic opportunity for the students to discuss how they approached problems in different ways and to enjoy doing maths.

"Congratulations to all the students who took part.

"They have done very well to achieve so many awards and to get through to the European competition is an amazing achievement."

Year 7 and 8 students at KSA will compete in the Junior Maths Challenge on Friday, May 6th.

Photograph courtsey of the Northants Evening Telegraph