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Student Inspired To Do 26-mile Bike Ride

A talk given to KSA by a mother who was told she had just three months to live has inspired one student to get on his bike and start fundraising.

Dawn Green, who has two daughters at KSA, gave a talk to students about her journey from the moment she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei, in January 2008.

After she was given the devastating prognosis, Dawn researched her condition on the internet and discovered there was treatment available for her.

 She underwent surgery and more than three years later, she is campaigning to raise awareness of this type of cancer and give hope to others.

Her talk had such an effect on 12-year-old Ashley Easton that he decided to raise money for the charity Dawn has set up by taking part in this year's International Waendel Walk in May.

Despite suffering from curvature of the spine and asthma, Ashley said he will be spurred on by what Dawn and her daughters - Kirsten and Megan Marshall - went through.

Last year, he completed the same challenge and raised £400 for Help for Heroes after being moved by images on television of soldiers' coffins returning from Afghanistan.  

Ashley completed the course around Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Eastern Maudit in three-and-a-half hours last year.

He said: "So many people don't know about Dawn's type of cancer or what she and her children went through. She came round my house to speak to me and it really hit home.

"On her website there's lots of people saying how much she's helped them so I wanted to raise money for her. I've even had £10 sponsorship from someone in Virginia in America.

"My condition doesn't stop me - I play hockey and I used to do archery and football so it can't stop me doing that much. I like cycling and it's nice to go through the countryside and see different surroundings and wildlife. There's a bad hill near the start and I'll be on a different bike this year so that will be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it."

Dawn said: "I am absolutely overwhelmed and humbled at the support that Ashley and his family have shown.

"I had not even met him before and yet out of the blue his mum contacted me to explain that Ashley was so moved by the talk I did in school a few months back that he had decided this cause is the one he wanted to raise money for.

"I have also now been able to explain the charity to his family thus raising more awareness, which is fantastic and could just help to save more lives."

 To sponsor Ashley or for more details on Dawn's charity visit

KSA has also made Dawn's charity one of its nominated charities this year.