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Extreme Physics

Building a cloud chamber was just one of the challenges embraced by a group of gifted and talented students who took part in a day of Extreme Physics.

Year 10 students Yasmine Kerr, Fabz Sutton, Kieran Perry and Leia Pomfrett were selected to take part for their aptitude and success in science and they joined students from four other schools for the three-day residential at Rugby School during the Easter holidays.

They took part in an intense programme of challenges and activities which started at 8am and went on until 11pm.

The programme included a series of lectures, a signalling challenge, estimating the mass of an alien, making and racing mini dragster cars, building a cloud chamber and a one minute timer challenge. There was also a trip to Milton Keynes so that students could participate in Airkix indoor skydiving and try out the climbing wall.

Their final challenge was to deliver an interactive presentation explaining a key physics idea to an audience that comprised the other participating school teams, a panel of judges and the students' parents.

Louise Oliver, Science Specialist Project Manager, said: "Although we did not win the event, KSA students were leading until the end of the second day and our team won a total of 9 rosettes during the different activities for teamwork, achievement and creativity.

"The event was extremely rewarding and all four students did us proud."