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Da Vinci House Says Goodbye To Its Year 11s

Da Vinci presented its Year 11 students with gifts made by the rest of the House as part of a special leavers’ assembly.

Over the last few weeks, forms in Da Vinci have been secretly making photo frames, badges, key rings and t-shirts for their Year 11s.

Parents were also in on the secret mission - they provided baby photos of students which were used on a special DVD showing Year 11 through the ages.

Leavers were presented with their goodie bag of gifts and DVD during assembly.

Student Perry Brown said: "At the end of every year here, I have always wanted to come back.

"I think what the forms did for us was a good way of saying goodbye. It's made us appreciate them."

Jason Holtby added: "I'm pretty gutted that it's the end of Year 11. We have people in our form saying what are they going to do now Year 11 are going?

"It was a nice touch to get the bag of gifts from them."

Head of House Hazel Dodd wished Year 11 good luck with their exams.

An official leavers' assembly for all Year 11 will be held on June 24th.