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Franklin House Makes Welcome Videos For New Year 7s

Members of Franklin have been busy compiling videos to give new students an insight into life in their House.

Each form had to write and produce a short clip aimed at the new Year 7 group which will be joining Franklin in September.

The footage will be judged and the winning entry will be used to welcome the new Franklin members.

Students in Franklin 4 decided that their film would focus on Franklin being a 'product' which they would advertise. They created a banner with the House motto - CHAMPS - and a cereal box bearing the House logo.

Year 10 student Lewis Ashby is one of the project leaders and he said: "We're putting an advert together to show what Franklin House is about and who we think should be in this House.

"It's about what we do, what we learn, the inter-House competitions and how each form has two tutors.

"We tell them about CAPs time and how you get to learn in a different way to normal lessons.

"Franklin House is friendly and caring to other year groups."