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Goodbye Year 11

A special leavers’ assembly was held to wish Year 11 well as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

While many will be returning in September for Sixth Form, it was the last time the year group was together at school.

Each Head of House spoke about their memories of the last five years and what they have enjoyed about teaching the group.
Principal Martin Campbell also addressed them, saying: "If I asked you what you had learned in the last five years, I wonder what you'd say. Would you say you have learned about friendship and how to be considerate and charitable, and when to show compassion and to be a true friend?

"School doesn't just teach you things to remember for exams; it teaches you how to live together and how to co-operate together because all of society is in this room.

"I met with 126 of you earlier in the year to talk about your future plans and hearing your plans reminded me what school is all about. We are dealing with people who are about to embark on a fantastic stage of their lives.

"Those people I saw told me they were going to open their own business, they told me they are going to become electricians, doctors, nurses, builders. I'm confident you will turn that into a reality and you reinforced why I do this job.

"Reflect on how you have grown together and the journey you have made - there's a whole world out there to have a massive adventure in."

Staff recounted memories from trips to New York, Boulogne and the Snowzone, along with the Oscars assembly, the Spelling Bee and the Big Quiz.

Badges were handed out for students who have taken on roles of responsibility within their House and those who have been part of the Heroes programme were given gifts by the children they have worked with in the Primary Phase.

Hazel Dodd, head of Da Vinci House, said one of the most special moments she will remember was hearing a Year 11 student ask a Year 7 student how his day had been, not long after vertical tutoring was introduced.

House Captain Colleen Denning said: "I've got really mixed emotions. It's sad because not everyone is coming back.

"My best memories are of the school trips, the teachers and my friends. The teachers are really nice and they are easy to talk to."

Sky Gillett added: "I think you get treated well here so I'm looking forward to coming back for Sixth Form."