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Students Put On Their Chef Hats To Come Up With Winning Menus

Four lip-smacking menus have been declared the winners of a competition which challenged students to come up with healthy, tasty dishes for the restaurant.

The winners were Jack Mutton, Daniel Warren and Ryan Succo, Georgia Bishop and a group from Socrates 8.

Georgia's menu included a smoothie of the day, pasta with sun-dried tomato sauce and cottage pie and vegetables.

Daniel and Ryan came up with some imaginatively-named dishes including 'Paddington Bear's Feast' (cheese and onion marmalade rolls), 'Rapping Chicken' (chicken wrapped in bacon) and 'Burgers from the Garden' (chickpea burgers with humus).

Socrates 8's menu included pancakes, chicken stir-fry with a choice of sauces and vegetarian pizza.

Jack's mouth-watering dishes included vegetable chow mein, sliced chicken and arrabiata pasta and a berry mess.

Restaurant staff who judged the entries said the menus were well presented, had a good mix of produce and promoted healthy options.

They also commended students on considering the budget when designing their menus.

Georgia said: "I wanted to come up with something that was healthy but tasty as well - something that you'd want to have again.

"It was quite hard because you want fresh produce but you had to think of the budget.

"I added things like sun-dried tomato sauce to give a bit of flavour."

Catering staff are now looking into whether any of the menus could be introduced in the restaurant.