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To Be or Not To Be

As part of an introduction to Shakespeare, members of the English department took a group of Year 7 students to visit The Globe Theatre in London.

After an early start and a two hour coach ride, the pupils arrived on the Southbank ready to sample the unique experience of The Globe.  

Pupils began with a tour of the theatre.  Our guides told us about the origins of the words 'box-office', 'audience' and 'role'.

We learnt why members of the audience who stood to watch a play were called 'Goldlings' (after the fish): hours of watching a stage play from the ground would send their heads tilted right back and mouths wide open. 

The actors who gave the tour were very impressed by how much the pupils knew about Shakespeare and The Globe.
Later, our two groups went behind the scenes to find out what happens during a rehearsal.

We began with some warm-up activities: foot-shaking, arm-waving, running and clapping.  Pupils were given scripts and given tips on how actors memorise their lines.  Lines were shouted, whispered and acted out, with all of the pupils fully involved.


Article by Marcella Bromfield - English Teacher