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Former Students Take Up IT Apprenticeships

Two former students who expressed an interest in a career in IT are settling into their new roles as IT technicians at KSA.

Kyle Burke and Josh Slater now work full time at the Academy and are also taking an IT practitioner apprenticeship course at Tresham College.  

Kyle said: "The Principal interviewed every Year 11 last year about what they were going to do next - I told him then that I was looking for an IT apprenticeship but I couldn't find anything suitable. A couple of weeks later he approached Josh and I and offered us the positions."

Josh said: "We've been dealing with everything - we installed a whole computer room in Primary in two days when normally it takes a week."

The pair are hoping to stay on at the Academy at the end of their contract and are also looking at doing a Cisco course at Tresham to further their understanding of networks.

Kyle added: "It was a bit strange at first, seeing the other side to school and looking at IT in a different way. There's been a lot to learn, especially about the network side of things, but it's been really good.

"The opportunity we have been given is better than others who are on our course at Tresham because of the move into the new school building next year. We will get to see a network built from scratch which not many people get to see."