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Physics of Music Making

Gifted and Talented students learned about the art of making music as part of a day looking at how physics is involved in enterprise.

Students were tasked with becoming involved in a fictional Music Festival in which they had to design and build the sound stage for the event.
They were put into teams of six and each person was given a role of either Project Manager,
Construction Manager, Lighting, Sound and Electrical Engineers and Health and safety Manager.
Four teams of Year 10 students took on the challenge.
As part of the project the students were tasked with designing the stage and each specialist had to do the planning, calculations and costings for their particular area. They were helped by six experts, a mixture of teachers and people from industry (who were invited in for the day).
Once their plans were approved they had to calculate ticket prices and profit margins and then build a working model of their stage and prepare a presentation for their bid.
The presentations were given at the end of the day.
The winning team was Shaun Chivers, Kyle Burke, Boniface Kangethe, Ania Straus, Ross Chester, Inesa Cirtautaite. Each member was awarded with a £5 voucher.
The event went really well and there were
lots of comments about how well the students had worked.