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KSA Marks National Heroes Day in Style

Children paid homage to the great and the good from history and the present day as part of National Heroes Day.

Primary Phase pupils were invited to dress up as their Heroes and donate £1 to the military charity, Help for Heroes.

Many of the Academy's younger children have studied Florence Nightingale and so several of them chose her as their hero for the day, while older pupils were inspired by other role models such as Einstein (one of the Primary Phase's five House scientists) and Robin Hood.

The staff also dressed up: Mrs Cattell, who works in the main office, came dressed as Lady Olave Baden-Powell, pioneer of the Girl Guide movement. Teacher Miss Walker dressed as Emmeline Pankhurst, who campaigned for women's right to vote.

And the little girl in red in the photo? Her name is Eris Compton and she came dressed as Miss Walker, because her teacher is her hero! Miss Walker said she felt very honoured.