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Charity-Minded Sixth Former Runs Nine Miles to School

For most students, getting to school involves a short walk, bike ride or car journey but Jason Underwood really went the extra mile in the name of Children in Need.

The Sixth Former decided to the run the nine miles from his home in Weldon to KSA and then back again after school.

Jason, who has been running in his spare time for years, is a member of Corby Athletics Club but specialises in the shorter distances of 400m and 800m.

Nine miles is the furthest he has covered but he said it wasn't as difficult as he thought it was going to be.

A group of Sixth Formers armed with banners and placards cheered Jason on as he rounded the corner onto Deeble Road, closely followed by his parents who tailed him in their car.

He said: "Geddington was difficult because there are quite a few potholes. I was tired going through Weekley but once I was in Kettering, I knew I was nearly there and I felt better.

"I decided to do it in a moment of madness; I thought it would be something a bit different to do. The furthest I usually run is 5k in training but I don't do that very often.

"I didn't feel too bad afterwards because of the satisfaction of doing it."

Jason set off from home at 8.45am and arrived at the Academy just after 10am. His efforts have so far raised £270, including a £50 donation from Principal Martin Campbell.

Photograph by Kealey Squires.